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It’s September - say trees!

For Arbor day this year Checkers had the creative idea to give away Spekbooms, a plant native to the Eastern Cape noted for its easy growing attributes, a source of elephant food and its contribution to reducing  carbon emission. We are well and truly getting through the month of trees, so if you missed out on the Spekbooms, this blog is all about how you can still get in on the Arbor action. 

For a start, go out and buy your own tree. This tree of the year for 2012 is the Water Berry - an evergreen tree mostly associated with the tropical areas of KZN and which is good for a whole range of things from its tasty fruit to its uses in respiratory ailments. But you don’t have to get that one if you don’t want to - there are dozens of excellent trees available.

Every day, is a day on earth

At the moment it seems as though there are days, even weeks, for everything. To start with the most obvious are the most famous and well observed. Take for instance religious days in the Jewish, Christian, Musilm, Hindu, Zostran and many other faiths. On the other end of the spectrum is May Day, internationally celebrated throughout the world by communists, workers and socialist of all types. 

You also get Days devoted to historical events. There is the famous American Independence celebrations, St Patricks day (possibly more famous), D-Day and Martin Luther King Memorial Day. In South Africa historical days are peppered throughout our calendar.

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