Clean-up SA week

This week, 10 – 15 September, is Clean-up South Africa Week – an initiative by Plastics|SA which aims to encourage clean-up and recycling activities.

Also falling within this week, are Recycling Day SA on the 14th and International Coastal Clean-up on the 15th. While the latter doesn’t really apply to us folks up here in Joburg, both recycling and keeping our city clean most certainly do!

What you can do

The Clean-up SA website has some listings of clean-up events to get involved with, though most are at the coast – so we suggest that you either get in touch with your local residents association to see if they have anything planned (or suggest it to them!), or simply commit to an hour to two after work or on the weekend to take a walk along the busier roads in your neighbourhood or your local park/river with a bag in hand to collect litter.

Clean-up and Recycle competition

Don’t let your efforts to clean-up and recycle go unnoticed: Plastics|SA is running a Clean-up and Recycle competition in which you can win prizes by documenting and sharing the action you took. Entry forms for this competition can be downloaded here, or email Dianne Blumberg for more info.

Let us know how your clean-up activity goes!

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