Deck the halls with… plastic?!

Buying hoards of cheap, kitsch plastic Christmas decorations to spruce up your tree is not the greenest, or creative, option to bringing the festive feeling into your home. In today’s post in our series on a greener Christmas, Tracy gives you some food for thought and offers some alternative ideas.

Making greener choices about buying anything – Christmas decorations included – involves asking a few questions: Who made it? Where does it come from? What is it made out of? Can it be recycled when I’m done with it? If you ask those questions while standing in front of the hoards of cheap plastic baubles and tinsel at your local supermarket, you’ll quickly realise that you can find better options elsewhere. Support local crafters or make your own and you’ll add glam to your tree without impacting on the planet.

Here are some great pics to help get your creative juices flowing:

Go African! Support local vendors who make charming beaded decorations

Left to right: Beaded Christmas Tree, Beaded Baubles

Seek out (or make your own) decorations made from recycled materials

Left to right: Circuit Board decorations, Tin Can Angels, Bike Chain Stars

Get the kids involved and make some paper and cardboard decorations

Left to right: Modern paper ornaments, Origami star, Plantable paper bauble

Ban the tinsel – make your own garlands

Left to right: Wooden bead garland, Paper-chain garland

Bring nature to the tree

Left to right: Shell Tree ornament, Twiggy trees, Succulent ornament

Think tactile – try fabrics, buttons and string

Left to right: Fabric stars, Button bauble, Felt ornaments, Fabric wrapped ball ornament

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have fun

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