Green New Year resolutions

Welcome to 2013! Here’s to a year filled with greener choices and a more sustainable life! No doubt you have already made some new year’s resolutions, and we hope that some of them are green-related, but if not, here are 10 suggestions to get you onto a more sustainable path.

  1. Recycle more (or start!)
  2. Reduce your electricity, water and fuel use
  3. Eat less meat
  4. Only eat sustainably managed fish
  5. Buy more local, natural & organic products
  6. Stop buying plastic bottled water
  7. Remember to use your reusable grocery bag each time you go shopping
  8. Start a compost heap or worm farm to handle your organic waste
  9. Avoid disposable products and over-packaged goods
  10. Save paper by printing less

Let us know what green resolutions you’ve committed to for this year – we’d love to know!


Image credit: photo via jealla_to on stock.xchng

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