Green your Valentine’s Day

Ah Valentine’s Day! A time to show your love to that special person in your life. Roses, chocolates, teddy bears and champagne are the ‘standard’ fare to shower your loved one with, but these options seldom show much love for the environment.

We’ve put together a few more sustainable suggestions to help you show your love this Valentine’s – as always it focuses on natural, local, handmade and longer lasting options.

  • Give the gift of an experience instead of an actual gift – take your loved one for a picnic at the Botanical gardens (Walter Sisulu is staying open late especially for Valentine’s Day!) or go hot-air ballooning to see the world from a new angle.
  • Swop cut flowers for live plants. A flowering potplant in a beautiful pot will bring longer lasting joy than overpriced roses which were most likely to have been grown under fairly unnatural conditions.
  • Spoil your sweetie with heart-shaped food all day – try a decadent breakfast shaped in a heart, melon hearts as a snack, or marshmallow hearts in hot chocolate.
  • Chocolates and sparkling wine might be great gifts, but they’re not always the most eco-friendly. If you must buy them we suggest you stick to local Fairtrade-certified options, or in the case of chocolate, try organic raw chocolate – a much healthier option with zero preservatives.
  • Planning to send an anonymous greeting card? Make your own instead of buying one – there are some great simple ideas on our pinterest board to inspire you. Not feeling creative? Rather send an e-card – no trees involved!
  • Cook up a delicious Valentine’s dinner together instead of going out and having to share your evening with lots of other couples – extra points if you use organic, sustainable and seasonal foods to make your meal!
  • Revive the mix-tape! Put together a play-list of your partner’s favourite songs and burn it to disc for truly personal gift.
  • If you’re planning to create a romantic mood with candles, be sure to use natural candles like beeswax or soy, which aren’t made from petrochemical by-products.
  • Make up a gift of seeds and a pretty pot so that your loved one can grow their own herbs – or even better, give them a kit to grow a tree from seed.

Hopefully this gives you food for thought – there are many ways to show your love for others while easily avoiding the over packaged run-of-the-mill Valentine’s fare. We’d love to hear what eco-friendly ideas you might have planned – please share them with us!

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