Trees for Africa Arbor Challenge announced

Call to take up the Trees for Africa Arbor Challenge this Arbor month and beyond!

The Trees for Africa Arbor Challenge aims to promote the planting of as many trees as possible by Arbor Month this September and beyond. This challenge allows users to interact with one another on the Food & Trees for Africa website and to post tree-planting events, as well as to record the amount of trees you have planted so far. You can also upload photos or images of your Tree Planting Event(s).  Registration or login to the system is done with your Facebook account.

By getting involved not only will you be contributing to the health of our planet, but you stand a chance to win a romantic weekend getaway for two in Cape Town.

Help to ignite a passion and interest in planting trees for Arbor Month by signing up, getting involved and sharing with your friends!

For more information or to join up visit :

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