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Spot it, snap it and contribute to biodiversity science

SANBI has officially launched iSpot, the new Citizen Science Forum for people to share their sightings of nature. SANBI has adopted and rolled out iSpot in conjunction with the Open University for Southern Africa, following on the tremendous success of iSpot in the UK.

iSpot is essentially an online biodiversity website where all citizens, from taxonomists to the domestic gardener contribute interesting sightings of animals, plants and fungi that they encounter. Any observation, from the wilds or your garden, from an alien to a threatened species, from a known species to a query, from a common species to a rare one, is welcomed.

"Do One Thing" and make a difference

"Our planet is just a dot in the universe; we are just dots on our planet; but, if we each just Do One Thing (D.O.T.) we can make a radical difference."

Melinda, an intern at our sister site - the Cape Town Green Map, recently attended a talk by Braam Malherbe, conservationist, extreme adventurer, youth developer, author, and motivational speaker at the UCT Zoology Department. Here is her report back:

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