Adopt a zoo animal

Gone are the days when zoos were primarily freak shows for the passing crowds. Now they fulfil a vital role in preserving the world’s biodiver-sity, not only through research but by providing safe havens for animals that have lost almost all their natural habitat and are being looked after in captivity for a couple of generations until their populations can be re-established. And zoos, like everywhere else, are seriously short of cash.

Sponsoring an animal (or sponsoring one on behalf of someone else in memoriam, or as a gift) is an excellent way to help zoos continue their excellent work and to contribute to conservation in a tangible way. And you will be amazed at how much you learn when you start reading up on ‘your’ animal.

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This tip appears in “Going Green: 365 Ways To Change Our World” by Simon Gear and is provided courtesy Penguin Books.

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