Donate instead of flowers

Flowers are great, and there is no doubt that a well-placed bunch is going to win you points in any number of situations. But there are occasions when even the most well-meaning gift becomes just another tier on a pile of vegetation. I’m thinking particularly funerals and hospitals here.

I can’t think of a better goodbye than to make a quiet donation to a meaningful cause in someone’s name. As humans, we’re a sucker for the grand gesture, and laying flowers on a grave is right up there with the best. Next time you visit a cemetery, maybe look at planting a few flowers instead, and returning to water them every so often. That way you’re remembering and nurturing all at once.

And wherever I get to spend my eternity, I’m sure I’d appreciate the company of the bees.

This tip appears in “Going Green: 365 Ways To Change Our World” by Simon Gear and is provided courtesy Penguin Books.

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