Take the train on holiday

The intercity passenger train network has to be one of South Africa’s best kept holiday secrets. There is nothing more relaxing than a night on a train as you are pretty much forced to put your feet up and watch the world go by.

Next time you are off on holiday, take the time to phone up Spoornet and enquire about taking the train. I’ve found that flying down, holidaying and then taking the train back has a series of advantages – apart from the carbon emissions you’ve saved by cutting out one flight, you’ve saved money and arrived back home feeling relaxed and refreshed instead of harassed by a 12-hour drive on either end of your trip.

Spoornet’s Premier Classe is a magical way to travel; cheap, relaxing and good for your carbon footprint.

This tip appears in “Going Green: 365 Ways To Change Our World” by Simon Gear and is provided courtesy Penguin Books.

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