Value grassland

South Africans have a curious relationship with grassland. Maybe it’s because none of us alive today can remember what the veld looked like with 10 000 head of springbok spread across it. Grassland seems to be considered as somehow vacant. Spare background that can be safely used for development without any real concern.

In fact, our grasslands are home to a huge array of species and many of those ecosystems are under severe threat from urban sprawl. Take the time to have a wander through the nearest stretch of veld to your house and look carefully at the variety of grasses and small plants.

Maybe take along a grass book from your local library and try to teach yourself one or two of the species’ names. You’ll be amazed at how much is out there.

This tip appears in “Going Green: 365 Ways To Change Our World” by Simon Gear and is provided courtesy Penguin Books.

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